SP-53 Continuous Type
Liquid Filling & Sealing Machine

Linear type of continuous filling and sealing machine is a high-capacity filling and sealing machine with a flow-meter filling device, mainly is for the product that is high production and needs to full fill. The continuous filling and sealing machine can reach to 30 cycles in a min.

Continuous filling and sealing machine also can provide products with high-precision filling and stable sealing.

 Product Specifications
Type Sealing & Filling Machine
Product Liquid:Water, Yogurt, grass jelly, steam egg…etc.
Container Material PP / PS / PET / PAPER
Sealing Film Material Roll Film / Precut foil
Power Supply Customize
Certification CE
 Filling Option
  • Piston Filler
  • Rotary Lobe Pump Filler
  • more
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