SP-63 In-Line Type
Automatic Sealing Machine

Linear type of sealing machine can design on mold type sealing machine or pusher sealing machine; it depends on the container’s variety and the production inquiry.

The sealing machine can be extended according to the customer’s feeding method. Such as, the sealinh machine can extended 3M for the customer to feed the product into the conveyor; or if customer want to collating with their origin filling machine (Or other package machine), we can connect with their machine by in-feed conveyor.

 Product Specifications
Type Sealing Machine
Product Plastic Container
Container Material PP / PS / PET / PAPER
Sealing Film Material Roll Film / Precut foil
Power Supply Customize
Certification CE

 Machine Specifications
  • Operation Panel
    • A-Type:Traditional Switches and Buttons for simple operation
    • B-Type:HMI-Touch Screen (Proface)
    • Common Part
      • Variable speed adjustment via speed controller arrange with inverter
      • Additional emergency stop switch for safety protection
  • Film Storage Device
    • Film sensor for detect the film when it ran out, the machine will stop automatically
  • Eye Mark Auto Correction
    • Collocating with a photocell sensor of film pattern mark
  • Cup De-nesting System
  • Automatic Sealing System
    • 1st sealing: Heat sealing
    • 2nd sealing: Could be designed in Embossing sealing
    • Independent temperature controller (Brand: OMRON)
  • Automatic Cutting System
    • In order to match up your container size, our molding cutters are 100% customized.
  • Waste Film Automatic Collecting Device
  • Product Automatic Out-Feeding System
 Parts Specifications
  • Machine Frame & Sheet : Stainless Steel in accordance with sanitation standard
  • Bottom Molds : Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  • Employs intelligent control. In the event of lack of trays, the sealing motions will not perform.
  • Fully wired control cabinet complete with wire labels for easy troubleshooting
  • Stainless Steel : Springs, Screws, Driving Gear, and Chain
  • Pneumatics Parts Brand: FESTO
 Optional Equipments
  • Date Coding Device
  • Double Layers Conveyor
  • Automatic Taping Machine
  • more
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