SP-92 Pouch Filling & Sealing Machine

Stand-up pouch filling and sealing machine, suitable for pouch size between W100 ~ 220mm, H150 ~ 320mm, filling range can apply to 50 ~ 2,000ml, the capacity can reach to 1200 bags per hour.

The stand-up pouch filling and sealing machine is using a suction cup and a clamp to open the bag to fill the product, and 1st sealing will use heat-seal, 2nd sealing will be cold-seal to cool down quickly to achieve the flatness of the sealed pouch.

 Product Specifications
Type Sealing & Filling Machine
Product Liquid , Powder , Granule
Packaging Type Stand Up Pouch
Power supply Customize
Certification CE

 Machine Specifications
  • Operation Panel
    • A-Type:Traditional Switches and Buttons for simple operation
    • B-Type:HMI-Touch Screen (Proface)
    • Common Part:
      • Variable speed adjustment via speed controller arrange with inverter
      • Additional emergency stop switch for safety protection
  • Automatic Pouch Dropping System
    • A Pouch Storage Device
    • Automatic Feeding/Dispensing Pouch System (Manually replenish the pouches)
  • Automatic Opening & Filling Pouch System (Option)
    • No pouch no filling sensor installed before filling system
    • Automatic Filling System
  • Automatic Sealing System
    • Type 1 : Hot Heating Mold
    • Type 2 : Air Cooling Sealing System
  • Automatic Out-Feeding System
  • Conveyor
 Parts Specifications
  • Machine Frame & Sheet : Stainless Steel in accordance with sanitation standard
  • Intelligent design in the case of no bag, the machine will stop fill and seal.
  • Fully wired control cabinet complete with wire labels for easy troubleshooting
  • Stainless Steel : Springs, Screws, Driving Gear, and Chain
  • Pneumatics Parts Brand: FESTO
 Filling Option
  • Piston Filler
  • Rotary Lobe Pump Filler
  • more
 Optional Equipments
  • Dust Proof around whole machine is available
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Collection Board
  • more
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