• Automatic Filling Device - Piston

    1. Application: Beverage, Yogurt, Detergent, Oil, Shampoo, Body lotion, Sauce, Jam, Honey…etc. other liquid product.
    2. Accuracy: +/- 1~3%.
    3. Filling Rang: 25~1,200ml.
    4. Can be connect with CIP system.
    5. Transmission system is driven by cylinder or servomotor.
  • Rotary Lobe Pump Filler

    1. Application range: containing particles, high viscosity (concentrated liquid), high pressure fluid transportation, quantitative filling, etc.
    2. Accuracy: +/- 1~3%.
    3. Filling Rang: 250~2,000ml.
    4. Easy to clean and can be online CIP.
  • Auger Filler

    1. Application : Powder, granule, crude sugar, salt, flour, coffee powder, monosodium glutamate, seasoning flavor, chemical powder, biological powder …etc.
    2. Accuracy : +/- 1~3%.
    3. Filling Rang : 0.1~2,000g.
    4. The transmission system is driven by servo motor.
    5. Easy to install and dismantle the auger without any tool.
    6. Easy and convenient cleaning for time-saving.
  • Multi-Head Weigher Filler

    1. Application : Nut, beans, candy, cereal, frozen chuck meat, frozen dumpling, fruit, shredded cheese, chocolate ball, Coffee Bean…etc.
    2. Accuracy : +/- 1 %.
    3. Filling Rang : 10~2,000g.
    4. All Contact Parts Are Completely Tool-Less : Pans, buckets, chutes and the hopper are all designed for quick and easy removal.
    5. Electronics are centrally and conveniently located in a remote mounted electrical enclosure at floor level, safety of electronics is assured during wash-down and from machine vibration.Individual product slide chutes for increased speeds with no spiraling.
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